How To Join The Community

If you want to participate in the polls, you have to register first. This is very easy. Just click on “Register” (see screenshot), type in user name and e-mail address and confirm it. That’s all! I hope that many potential players join us :)

New P1SIM Website

I decided to setup a new P1SIM website. The first website (2009) contained a detailed wiki, but looked very unclean. The second website was only a single site showing the roadmap and a few screenshots. This third website will be used to summarize the game concept and show the progress of the development.

Everybody who is interested in the project is invited to join the community. If you want to post a comment, you do not need to sign up first. But you have to fill in your e-mail address and approve it after the very first post. (Your e-mail address will be hidden for other users.) Having approved the address you can post as much new stuff as you like without reapproving it.

If you want to participate in the polls, you have to sign up. This is very easy. You only need to type in a user name and your e-mail address. That’s all. Very simple and fast. Please do so and support the development by voting for your favorite options. Thank you.