Version 2013-08-20T22-12-00

  • added: module export is working now
  • added: load/save and gui supported altering of game settings
  • added: load/save window settings to remember the user’s preferred gui interaction
  • added: STRG+UP to jump to first table entry, PAGE UP to jump to previous page and other shortcut and mouse wheel integrations


Version 2013-08-16T20-19-11

  • added: signal placeholder placement in module editor
  • added: light placement in module editor
  • improved: xml format for module saving/loading

Looking at the screenshots, you will notice, the coding for the “import/export custom modules” function has begun as well as the placement of special sub modules inside modules. These “specials” allow the module designer to integrate intelligence into a module. More on that later.






16-08-2013 20-16-03 modules.xml

Version 2012-09-29T15-13-56

  • added: preview images in paths menu
  • added: path type trolleys (buses and trucks that are connected to a catenary)
  • removed: path type intra logistics
  • added: path type fork lifts
  • added: path type portainer (container cranes)
  • added: tool bar menu item transfers (to define path nodes where cargo is sourced, changes means of transport or reaches its final destination)