Version 2013-09-10T18-57-49

  • added: bottom info bar for date and time
  • added: generators for trees and palms
  • added: vehicle parts editor (very first steps of it)
  • improved: xml loading/saving
  • improved: dataset based classes like tables are now generic and thus more flexible
  • improved: day and night cycle (short sunrise/sunset, plus very long bright day and rather short night)
  • fixed: terrain selector (see screenshot);




4 thoughts on “Version 2013-09-10T18-57-49

  1. I think its better with this Time Format:
    but its a bit Long.
    I think then its better to view only Day and Time like the Screens but in the Menu (Statistics or something) a Counter where you can see how Many Weeks, Moths and Years you now Playing! Then over the Time you have “DAY 123456789 TIME 00:00” in the Bottom Line and this looks not good!

    • It’s not finally decided how long a day will be time. Currently a P1SIM day has a duration of 15 real time minutes. Thus it would take 123456789 * 15 real time minutes to get to the game time “DAY 123456789 TIME 00:00″.

      Assuming P1SIM are played between 1 and 50 hours, you will see date bars from “Day 1 Time 00:00” to “Day 200 Time 00:00”.

    • I wonder if 15 minutes will be enough to have a well working transport system. Trucks wouldn’t get quite that far before the driver needs a break to sleep for example.

  2. “Day XX Time XX:XX”
    Good choice! Allows you to implement research and timing that is not in sync with the historical timeline, improving the gameplay a lot.

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