Version 2013-09-18T21-33-24

  • added: modules can be placed on the map
  • added: built modules can be saved
  • added: blue print/error style for placeable modules
  • changed: sprite rotations are created dynamically



3 comments on “Version 2013-09-18T21-33-24

  1. Looks great! A few questions, though:
    Is the track junction one module or are there two modules overlapping each other?
    Is the “module-to-be-built” red because you can’t build it there because of the track or is it just the color you gave it?
    Which shortcut did you implement for rotating the module, if any?

    • mouse wheel = rotate module
      crl+mouse wheel = next module that matches filter
      red colored module = cannot place module here
      overlapping of tracks to create switches is not implemented yet but could be a feature. currently the switch (curve plus 3 straight pieces) is one module

  2. Cant wait to play with this. :-)

    Good work!

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