Version 2013-09-21T21-58-44

  • note: term “manual” refers to the in-game manual
  • added: in-game manual editing (delete/edit screenshots and texts incl. line breaks and hyperlinks; insert new texts/screenshots)
  • added: manual screenshot tool (change screenshot height with mouse wheel)
  • added: remember authors of manual texts and write them into the credits below the corresponding manual help page

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7 comments on “Version 2013-09-21T21-58-44

  1. I like the idea, looking forward especially for the isometric view. One question though: what software do you use to count the lines and files? Is there a Eclipse plugin for this? Or some standalone app?

    • I have written a C# based software to count the lines. The important part of that software carries the following code:

      string[] filepaths = Directory.GetFiles(tbRootDir.Text, "*" + tbExtension.Text, SearchOption.AllDirectories);
      int numFiles = 0;
      int blankLines = 0;
      int filledLines = 0;
      int totalLines = 0;

      foreach (string filepath in filepaths)

      string[] lines = File.ReadAllLines(filepath);

      foreach (string line in lines)
      if (line.Trim() == "")


    • Ah ok, so now I actually know what you mean by “blank lines” :) I suggest changing this line “if (line.Trim() == “”)” to this “if(line.length < 3)" so we can know how much real code you have there :P

    • you want to exclude the lines which only contain opening/closing brackets? i think that are code lines too. without them the code would be a mess.

    • Sure but they dont add anything new to the program. Python for example free from them. Well at least if I was counting lines in my program I would go that way.

    • they do add something new! a run without syntax errors ;-)
      but i get your point. if you find a trustful link that defines lines of code have to be at least 3 characters long, post it here. if i really made a mistake, i will change the line counting system.

    • Well you didn’t made a mistake :) thats matter of what you want to count. And if you want to count “)};” then you are free to go.

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