Version 2014-01-12T20-06-16

  • added: algorithms to calculate the vertices of modules to be checked against existing modules on the map and current height profile of the map; in other words: which parts of the rectangular module can be skipped when checking for collisions
  • changed: integrated new sound engine (this led to a remarkable increase of code lines)

2014-01-12T20-06-13 2014-01-12T20-06-16

3 comments on “Version 2014-01-12T20-06-16

  1. Wesley Nascimento on said:

    Ok, thanks!

  2. Wesley Nascimento on said:

    Hi man,
    I am a tt, openttd and railroad tycoon fan.
    Your work is awesome, did you do many amazing things just using slick and lwjgl!
    I have some questions:
    What is your FPS?
    Do you will release a beta or alpha version?

    Good job man.

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