Version 2014-02-08T15-35-52

  • Added: Three road speed types (slow, medium and fast)
  • Added: Vehicle collision prevention system
  • Added: Vehicle debug info system
  • Added: New module unblock type “clamp” to allow extreme compact infrastructure designs
  • Added: Finances window
  • Added: Visual map paths, together with direction and speed indicators
  • Added: Write saved game info to XML file (name of save game, zoom level, camera position)


8 comments on “Version 2014-02-08T15-35-52

  1. Wesley Nascimento on said:

    Good Job, p1sim is awesome!

  2. LocoMH on said:

    I’m not gonna repeat that it’s looking great, I rather have some questions ;)

    1. Vehicle overtaking still is not planned as of now, right? I suppose, the paths are the only paths the cars can actually go!?
    2. The yellow double arrow means medium speed and the white single arrow slow speed? Or does the double arrow mean fast?
    3. Are there cars of different max speed or of different driving behaviour, some that actually use the full limit (or maybe even slightly more!?) and others that are slower?

    Yeah, still…it’s looking great!

    • 1. Vehicles will no leave the predefined paths. But overtaking will take place (when a faster car chooses a parallel lane).
      2. while single = slow, double = medium, triple = fast
      3. There are different max speeds as well as different behaviours.

  3. Martin Kruse on said:

    This looks so promising! I have just added your RSS feed to my reader.

    It’s kind of sad that we can’t help you in any way.
    Have you considered making a Kickstarter project to get funding for the game? I am sure there are many traffic sim geeks out there who are willing to support you.
    Maybe you could even get some of them to make the Kickstarter project for you…? ;)


    • Yeah, I have Kickstarter in mind. But first of all, I need to get to a development status worth being presented. In the meantime I try to arouse interest of potential players.

  4. Lookin good! Cant wait to see a first alpha or beta version comming out! Game is gonna be awesum!!!!!

  5. Andrew on said:

    Looks nice – i wished i would play this earlier than 2016

  6. I want to play now!

    Good stuff!

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