Version 2014-02-17T19-56-04

  • Added: Optional high quality zoom (compare screenshots)
  • Added: location dependend ambient sounds (wind, ocean, shore sounds)
  • Added: time dependent ambient sounds (birds, grills, silence, wind)
  • Added: Flipable modules (because sometimes rotating is not enough)
  • Added: Option to remove single unblocked tiles from modules
  • Added: Time dependent vehicle lights with individual switch-on times
  • Changed: Improved auto-recognition of 1-lane, 2-lane, 3-lane… modules

2014-02-17T19-57-46 2014-02-17T19-57-38



4 comments on “Version 2014-02-17T19-56-04

  1. I think this project is dead. No Process-Update since Februar… Thats bad!

  2. wanderer28 on said:

    Nice to see this still up and running healthily!

  3. Jacob Lippert on said:

    Still waiting, and still love what I see!!

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