Unlimited Game Experience

There is no final goal. You cannot “win” a game in P1SIM. There is only the relative goal to be better than your competitors in all economical fields.

Fun Is Superior to Realism

As much realism as necessary and as little as possible. The game has to be fun. That’s the most important aspect of every game. But it’s not only a game. It’s although a simulation and as such it simulates reality. A good example where fun meets realism are the track curve radii. The radii used in P1SIM are much smaller than the real ones, but still look realistic.

No Unnecessary Micromanagement

Micromanagement can be fun, but only if it doesn’t get the upper hand. P1SIM combines micro- and macromanagement in a balanced way. The whole micromanagement is optional. The game also works if you do not influence micro decisions.

Logistics Is More than Transportation

Logistics is more than transportation. P1SIM proves that cargo handling and storage can be fun, too. And it is still more than that. The game will integrate relevant aspects of modern supply chain management.

Cleanliness Helps to Focus on the Essential

Everything, starting from clean game graphics over intuitive graphical user interfaces up to well structured and meaningful reports leads to com­fortable gameplay.

Only Visible Features Are Fun

P1SIM concentrates on visible features, since – when you ask me – these are the only ones which are fun.

Logic Leads to Intuitive Handling

Everything makes sense. For example, a 200 meter train does not fit into a 50 meter service depot. A locomotive cannot disappear on one side of a train and reappear on the other.

Transparency Enables Decision-Making

The user can display all figures and charts he ever dreamed of when playing a similar game. All formulas used in the code are explained in the GUI. This way the user exactly knows all cost drivers and is able to optimize them.

The Game Has to Stay Challenging

P1SIM stays challenging. No matter how long you play the same map. While similar games get very easy as soon as you have purchased the first 10 vehicles and have them running, P1SIM follows another concept: Nearly everything is associated with relevant running expenses.

Standardization Keeps the Game Simple

P1SIM is a very complex game, but still easy and intuitive due to consequent standardization. For example, while there are airport pallets in reality, in P1SIM you will only find one type of pallet, which fits into trucks and fits into aircrafts. A need for repackaging would make the game unplayable hard and would cost too much CPU power.

Moving the Masses

In P1SIM you will probably be able to see more moving objects than in any other game.

Protection of Multiplayer Matches

P1SIM tries to make cheating as hard as possible. E.g. money cheats using trainers will be nearly impossible due to P1SIM’s client-server-architecture and the type and amount of transferred data.

5 comments on “Philosophy

  1. on the “Logic Leads to Intuitive Handling” part
    how will time be handled?
    - will a train take months to get from one station to an other, like in TT?
    - will it be more realistic and just accelerated eg: a 100m train going 100km/h will travel it’s length in 3.6 s x time acceleration, in real time (for 1 game minute / real second time acceleration should be 0.06s )?
    - or an other option would be to scale, slow down animation but keep economy real (ex instead of showing the train go 10 times back and forward between stations, make it go once but multiply economy simulation by 10x and reduce the number of people by 10x, if in real life one should pay 1$ for ticket, in game he will pay 10$, as in game he will represent 10 people traveling to that destination )

    • i will answer your questions later, since for testing the different settings and thus finding the best way, i need some running vehicles first (which are not coded yet).

    • Stefan on said:

      I thought about it a little and it would be great if the player could chose simulation speed, as fast forward controls, but more like a time condensation setting with options to run 1s:1s, and see everything as you would expect to see in real time, depending on distance trains should take > 30 min from one station to an other, it will be like a sort of pause button so you could enjoy your progress.
      then you would scale to 1s:1minute, 1s:1hour, 1s:1day (in 5 min you could see the progress of one year) this would help with simulated construction times, city growth etc.

      This would be something that no one else has created before…

  2. Ricardo Davis on said:

    How Do I get this game?

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