• EUR 9.95 during alpha phase (Expected release date: ?)
  • EUR 14.95 during beta phase (Expected release date: ? + 1 year)
  • EUR 19.95 final price (Expected release date: ? + 2 years)

7 comments on “Pricing

  1. Looks like the alpha release date has changed from 2013 to 2016. I think I should stop checking everyday…

    Will there be a pre-alpha?

    • Hey J! Due to my job situation, I will be very busy till beginning of 2016. Thus it got unrealistic to publish the alpha version earlier. The current version is the pre-alpha. But it won’t be published before it has reached the alpha status. I use the pre-alpha for demonstration purposes only (and of course for the development itself ;-))

    • Looking back at it, 2013 was indeed very unrealistic. Still checking for new updates every day! (feeds turned out to be very handy in case you have 6 blogs you want to check every day ;-) )

    • You even found a new way of describing the current development speed :D

    • LocoMHLocoMH on said:

      It’s beginning of 2016 – will you continue soon?? :D

  2. KillerMapper on said:

    If we buy the 2D version, will we ave the 3D version free later ?

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