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P1SIM is a simulation game that focuses on traffic, logistics, city-building and economy. It is quite different to all other existing games, since it combines many standard features of different simulation genres and adds new exclusive features that will raise the simulation game experience to a new level.

While the idea of starting this project is much older, the actual project started end of 2009. The first rough copy of the concept was presented and discussed on To summarize the planned features a website was created in the same year, but since the brainstorming phase was very dynamic and the concept details changed continuously, the online wiki was replaced by a simple “coming soon” site. In the following time, the concept finding process got slower due to the heavy workload of the author and project leader: smallfly.

At the beginning of 2012 a completely new concept has been written – very different to the first draft – and fastly reached more than 100 pages. The new concept was very matured and could thus be the base of the next development steps.

Having a complete concept that already contained many module sketches, the time had come to draw the first real game graphics. This was the moment when the top-down-graphics idea was born. Since the creation of realistic looking isometric graphics using 3D modelling software is a very long process, it was decided to stick to top down graphics. These graphics can be drawn quite fast and thus the game logic could already been coded.

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  1. Abstauber84 on said:

    When will you show us your new version? Last update from february… :-)

    • As soon as there is a new version. In the last weeks I could not continue the project due to heave work load. But, of course, there will be a new version in the future ;)

  2. The Defenestrator on said:

    How close is this to a playable demo?

  3. constructor on said:

    Hey. I’m also an independent developer :). Long wanted to make a game similar to OTTD. I have tried simply to write patches. But apparently my desires very badly fit the logic of the game:
    -full-underground levels “subway”, overground – bridges, etc.
    -smooth curves, the diagonal of a road, a variety of goods on vehicle board, etc. list is large.

    • Do you have a website, a forum topic or anything similiar where you posted your game ideas/first sketches etc.? I am always interested in similiar concepts.

    • constructor on said:

      First things first:
      But it is in Russian. You may just look at pictures topic “Underground”. Text: … … station is actually under the house …

      I am now on a other computer. Not sure that there’s something interesting. And again, I understand, or there is no mail address, personal messages, links to download / purchase game?

    • I cannot open the topics you linked. I think you have to register first. But I cannot since I don’t get around the russian anti-spam function^^ If you have anything, you want to show me, you can send me an e-mail (see “Imprint”).
      I don’t understand your second paragraph. If you asking for my mail adress and an option to send private messages, see “Imprint”. There is no download link, since P1SIM is not finished at all (see “Pricing”).

    • constructor on said:

      It’s not worth it (my pages in russian-forum-ttd). Pictures on the links below (down?) – more important (did not think that I will find them out of this place).Yes, mail, or something.

    • constructor on said:

      In general, I would like to get involved, see a hand. Throw screenshots tomorrow if interested. And by the way, when you want to do isometric – I have a package applications that I did sprites technique:
      1) script for blender, creating a template of pictures from different angles. Shadows, masks, coloring. Long to explain, easier to show.
      2) these pictures are going to be trimmed too much, and is packaged in a single file (for easy upload).
      Make a game like shortline on flash – that is left.

      I do not know the language, so use an electronic translator. Sorry.

    • Where are u from?

    • constructor on said:

      Very rarely use “imageshack”. At least able to log in :)

      a script can upload tomorrow.
      PS (I’m from Russia),

      Masks, colors, shadows, all as promised, about the translucency say? All draws are summarized in 2D:

      There’s a lot of screenshots, only I do not know whether they are available to you without the link :)

  4. Al of Britain on said:

    I am another independent developer. I am interested in this game very much and would like to use it as inspiration for my own work in progress game, Bus and tram tycoon (no link to thee famous San Fransico simulator). Please could you make the concept draft available?
    I do not want to copy your game in any way but i’m striving to improve performance and functionality in any way. thanks.

    • I will upload an updated status of the concept soon. Thank you for your interest :)
      The old concept is no longer available, because it’s completely out-dated now.

  5. Wow! This looks great! Can’t wait to crack into it! As for the interesting graphics, I personally very much like it. It’s like playing an old maxis game; but it’s easier on the eyes- and those are some of my favorites games. Cheers!

  6. Wow, this looks fantastic. I’ve long wanted a game based on container ports and logistics. I never got very far; I had too many other projects to work on.

    I’m sure you don’t need more ideas but if you do, take a look at my blog posts, including links to resources and free source code you can use: (background) ; (how to model curved roads) ; (stocks and flows)

    I applaud your decision to start with a 2d top-down view. This will let you focus on the game logic instead of graphics. I made the mistake of starting with 3d, and then later I switched to isometric / 2.5d for some projects, and now I’m in the process of switching to 2d top-down for new projects.

    • I read your pages. You have indeed some similiar ideas. And yeah there is someone: “I’m really not sure whether such a game would be fun for anyone but me.” Here I am ;-)

  7. smallflysmallfly on said:

    Thank you sulai. The game – at least the core engine – won’t be open source. But I think I will support modifications of game logic, objects und graphical user interface by the community.

    • Ryan M on said:

      From a brief glimpse at this, this looks very promising. One of the main discussion panels at Alacat 2012, a yearly logistics confernce, is how does the industry effectively train new employees without compromising efficiency or accuracy of the service. Additionally, another problem that was looked into was how do we connect and find the next brilliant minds of the industry.

      You should consider partnering up with a major logistics alliance to help fund and develop the product.

      The industry is open to the idea after DHLs success back in 2008 with their contest, something similar could be applied here.

    • smallflysmallfly on said:

      Thanks for the hint. I already thought about partnering with some logistics related organizations, but I think it’s too early at the moment. The project may indeed look promising. But I want it to be “a bit more finished” before I ask for potential partnerships. But again, thanks for you comment, which highlights a new aspect of the project :-)

  8. sulai on said:

    Hello smallfly,

    I really like the 2D concept of your game! I’m a professional java developer (code java for food), and I’m interested in how your work is going? Are you intending to make your game open source or something? The 2D screen mockups look very promising and I think a game like that will be fun to play even without 3D isometric view!

    Keep up the good work!

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